PhD Defences of 2018

1. Natama Hamtandi Magloire, Burkina Faso : Inter-individual variation of infants’ susceptibility to malaria: role of in utero environment and host immunogenetic factors. (University of Antwerp)

2. Omolade Abejirinde Ibukun Oluwa, Nigeria: Diagnostic and clinical decision support systems for antenatal care: is mHealth the future in low-resource settings? (VU Amsterdam/University of Barcelona)

3. Ilozumba Ona, Nigeria: CHWs + mHealth. An Assessment of mHealth interventions utilized by Community Health Workers in low and middle-income countries. (VU Amsterdam / University of Barcelona)

4. Hamal Mukesh, Nepal: Social accountability in maternal health services in selected districts of Nepal and Gujarat, India. (VU Amsterdam / University of Barcelona)

5. Hobbs Emma, Australia: Towards elimination of Taenia solium in the Eastern Province of Zambia: a call for an integrated approach? (Ghent University)

6. Kyongo Karanja Jordan, Kenya: Characterization of Female Genital Tract Immunological Markers and Molecular Vaginal Microbiota: Relevance for risk of HIV Transmission and HIV Prevention. (University of Antwerp)

7. Jansen Famke, Belgium: Modelling Taenia saginata epidemiology and control in Belgium. (Ghent University)

8. Pham Vinh Thanh, Nepal: Epidemiology of Plasmodium vivax malaria in Central Vietnam. (UC Louvain)

9. Solari-Zerpa Lely del Rosario, Peru: Clinical prediction rules to address diagnostic bottlenecks in tuberculosis. (Ghent University)

10. Renmans Dimitri, Belgium: Opening the ‘black box’ of performance-based financing in the healthcare sector of Western Uganda. (Institute of Development Policy, University of Antwerp)

11. Kaswa Michel, DR Congo: Diagnosis of Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) tuberculosis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (University of Antwerp)

12. Utz Bettina, Germany: Positioning gestational diabetes in low resource settings: From fragmentation towards integration. (VUB)

13. Loos Jasna, Belgium: Know your epidemic, know your response. The case of the HIV epidemic among sub-Saharan African migrants in Flanders, Belgium. (University of Antwerp)

14. Matetovici Irina, Romania: The dynamic interplay between Trypanosoma brucei and the tsetse fly vector revealed by transcriptome analysis. (University of Antwerp)

15. Jano Mulualem Tadesse, Ethiopia: Improving the diagnosis of tuberculosis in hard to diagnose populations: Clinical evaluation of GeneXpert MTB/RIF and alternative approaches in Ethiopia. (University of Antwerp)

16. Lanou Hermann, Burkina Faso: Effects of Pre- and Postnatal Nutrient Supplementation on Child Growth and Health. (Ghent University).

17. Abongomera Charles, Uganda: Challenges in clinical management of visceral leishmaniasis patients in East Africa. (University of Antwerp)

18. Cuypers Bart, Belgium: A systems biology approach for a comprehensive understanding of molecular adaptation in Leishmania donovani. (University of Antwerp)

19. Sori Tolera Teshale, Ethiopia: Study on Tick-Borne Pathogens and Tick-Borne Diseases Using Molecular Tools with Emphasis on Anaplasma spp. and Ehrlichia spp. In Ticks and Domestic Ruminants in Ethiopia. (Ghent University)

20. Bennis Issam, Morocco: Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Morocco: psychosocial burden and simplified diagnosis. (University of Antwerp)

21. Hendrickx David, Belgium: Revealing the public health significance of skin infections among Aboriginal children living in the Pilbara: A call to action in Western Australia. (Telethon Kids Institute / University of Western Australia)

22. Zavala Gómez Gerardo, Spain: Intestinal parasites, inflammation and nutritional status in Mexican children. (VU Amsterdam)

23. Delamou Alexandre, Guinea: Towards a fistula free generation: lessons learned from long-term follow-up of women after obstetric fistula repair in Guinea. (ULB)

24. Mira Martínez Sofía, Spain: A new mechanism of antimalarial drug resistance regulated at the epigenetic level. (Barcelona Institute for Global Health, ISGlobal / VU Amsterdam)

25. Mukumbang Ferdinand, Cameroon: A realist evaluation of the antiretroviral treatment adherence club programme in the metropolitan area of the Western Cape Province, South Africa. (University of the Western Cape)

26. Platteau Tom, Belgium: How to improve HIV prevention? Development, implementation and evaluation of combination prevention interventions among key populations. (Open Universiteit, Heerlen, The Netherlands)

27. Hendy Adam, United Kingdom: Blackfly ecology and Onchocerca volvulus transmission in three formerly hyperendemic foci in Uganda, Tanzania and Cameroon. (University of Antwerp)

28. Schwartz Steven Ilan, Canada: Emergomyces africanus: a new cause of opportunistic infections in immunocompromised hosts. (University of Antwerp)

29. Madinga Ntwan Joule, DR Congo: Epidemiology of polyparasitism with schistosomes, Taenia solium and soil-transmitted helminths in co-endemic settings of the Democratic Republic of Congo. (UCL)

30. Dumetz Franck, France: Role of the gene dosage in the acquisition of antimony resistance in Leishmania donovani: experimental evidence. (University of Antwerp)

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